Monday, March 22, 2010

Walk Yourself Thin

Setting a goal is one of the best ways to stay committed to exercise, especially now that summer is dwindling and your walking program may be lagging.   So, let's try training for a 10K.  Melissa is an old pro at this... if she has any thing to add that would be awesome!

This is my first week trying this new approach.  Week #1 will consist of the following:

Monday:  Walking, easy pace (everday stroll), 3 miles

Since I have a membership at Gold Gym I will be able to track the distance on the treadmill.

Tuesday:  Any low-intensity activity (like gardening, house cleaning or bike riding), for 30 consecutive minutes

Since we are still working on getting the Garden ready for planting and getting the yard ready for Easter I will be spending time after work in both of these areas.

Wednesday:  Walking, moderate pace (you have to catch your breath occasionally), 3 miles

Again I will be back at the gym.

Thursday:  OFF

I will probably spend my evening reading or sewing

Friday:  Low-intensity activity, 30 minutes

I love going to the gym and using the stair stepper.  My plan is to spend 30 minutes on the stair stepper (cure the flat butt that Jennifer says I have).

Saturday:  Walking, easy, 3 miles

back to the gym to use the treadmill

Sunday:  OFF

Let's have fun with this!

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