Friday, March 5, 2010


The downside of the time and labour saving inventions that have been designed to make our lives easier is that they encourage us to be less active.  In addition, the choice of foods now available means we tend to overeat or eat the wrong things.  The end result is that our bodies are often in poorer shape than they should be.  If this applies to you and you are worrying about how you will look on holiday in your bikini, there are three main areas on which you need to focus - losing weight, shaping your figure and beautifying your body.

Over the next several weeks we will start changing our habits and begin to lose weight; shape up and beautify our skin and hair.  If you follow the simple steps outlined each day you will see results in about 4 weeks.  If you have a lot of weight to lose it will take longer to reach your ultimate goal, however, you will see results quickly as your progress.

We will begin with a Detox Diet which will help to cleanse the body by resting it from certain foods and allowing it to process what is already in your system.

We will learn how to look at our current eating habits and change them so that we can lose weight in a healthy way.  We will take a look at the best foods to eat for our skin and hair and how and what we eat will keep our energy levels high.

We will learn about shaping up and doing some exercise.  Dieting alone does not make us fit or give us toned muscles.  To look and feel fit we need to combine a healthy diet with fat-burning aerobic exercise and some toning or resistance exercise to build and tone muscle.  The more workout you can manage in a week, the quicker you will improve your body shape.

Beautiful hair and skin add to the already amazing package of a slimmer and more fit body. 

There are many beauty treatments we can undertake to look great in a bikini.  All are best in conjunction with a healthy eating plan.  Good health on the inside really shines through on the outside in the form of a better complexion, glossy hair and a healthy glow.  If you feel good you will look good, and have no qualms at all about wearing a bikini in public.

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