Monday, March 8, 2010


Although we commonly talk about 'losing weight', strictly speaking it is actually fat loss that concerns us more.  Fad/crash diets may result in a quick loss of weight, but this is usually due simply to loss of fluid, not stored body fat.  The effect is temporary and body shape, which is more important and more noticeable - especially where bikinis are concerned - is not affected.  In addition, weight loss quickly thanks to an unhealthy diet is unlikely to remain lost.  Successful weight loss requires a permanent change of eating habits.

A Pound of Flesh

To lose weight you need to burn stored calories or reduce calorie intake.  Since 500 g (1lb) of body fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, you need to burn calories through physical activity and/or reduce the number of calories you eat for a total of 3,500 in order to lose 500g (1lb) of fat.

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

The amount of body fat you carry may be more significant than your weight alone.  The body mass index (BMI) assesses whether you hold too much body fat in relation to your height.  It is calculated as follows:

BMI = weight in kilograms / height in meters squared


BMI = (weight in pounds x 700) / height in inches squared

For women, a BMI between 19 and 24 is normal, while the range for men is between 20 and 25.  A BMI between 24/25 and 30 is considered overweight.  Anyone with a BMI above 30 is considered obese.

Visible Results of Fat Loss:
  1. Smoother Skin
  2. Change in body shape
  3. Feeling of being less heavy

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