Monday, March 1, 2010


Complete the questionnaire below to assess how much you need to change in your life to get to your final goal of being fit and looking great.

1.  Do you eat breakfast?
  • (a)  Never
  • (b)  Only at weekends
  • (c)  Every day
2.  How many portions of fruit, vegetables and salads to you eat each day?
  • (a) One or two
  • (b) Three or four
  • (c) Five or more
3.  Do you eat high-fat foods (like sausages, pies, burgers, chips, cheese and butter)?
  • (a) More than once a day
  • (b) Most days
  • (c) Once a week or less
4.  Which of these is your favorite snack?
  • (a) A chocolate bar
  • (b) A cake or biscuits
  • (c) Fresh fruit
5.  Given the choice, would you prefer to drink?
  • (a) A can of fizzy drink such as a cola
  • (b) Tea or coffee
  • (c) water or herbal tea
6.  Do you have a calcium rich dairy food, such as milk, cheese, or yogurt?
  • (a) Now and then
  • (b) Several times a week
  • (c) At least once a day
7.  How often do you exercise?
  • (a) Never
  • (b) Once a week
  • (c) Most days
8.  How much time do you spend sitting in the sun?
  • (a) I love sun bathing on holiday and my skin tans easily
  • (b) Quite a lot when the weather's good, but I always use a sun screen
  • (c) I cover up, especially in the hottest part of the day
9.  When do you wear sunglasses?
  • (a) I've got a whole range of fashion sunglasses for every occasion
  • (b) I always wear them in the summer
  • (c) I wear dark glasses that block out the harmful rays, even in the winter
10.  How often do you exfoliate?
  • (a) Hardly ever
  • (b) Every day
  • (c) Every week

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