Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I still have the sniffles and my joints are a little achie.

I weighed in at 172.4 lbs this morning.  So it looks like a gained some water weight while I have been under the weather.  It could also be that I am pre-menstral.  Most women will gain water weight before and during their cycle.  I am no exception.  So, when I weigh myself during that week I scoff at the scale and in my mind I say: "You don't know anything.  I really don't weigh that much!"

During my teen years I would have terrible acne during this time of month.  To hide it I would cake on foundation.  During my twenties I would do whatever I could to hide the blemishes.  This meant that I would put on cream, consealer, foundation and powder.

Sometime in my late 30's I stopped worrying about the pimples and started wearing less makeup.  I noticed that I had fewer breakouts. 

Shortly after I turned 40 I started looking at my skin more closely and noticed that it looked better.  I became more selective about what I put on my face.  I have actually taken the "less is more" approach.

Since I have been out on disability, recovering from reconstructive surgery on my left knee, I haven't been wearing makeup.  When I have plans to leave the house I will apply the war paint.  All of my makeup is natural.  I will apply light powder to my face before applying the eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.  I use lip gloss with a tinge of color.  Depending on my mood I will apply a light pink blusher or a light bronzer to my cheeks.

I learned over the years to keep my hands off my face and this has made a huge impact. 

I woke up with one blemish this morning that will be gone in a couple days.

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to keeping their skin clean.  I have oily skin.  The less I do with it the better.  When I clean my face I use Oil of Olay cleansing clothes.  My face gets clean and doesn't dry out. 

My face is soft and healthy looking.  I believe that drinking water makes a huge impact on how skin looks, so I drink a lot of water.  I carry water with me from room to room so that I always have it with me.

I also enjoy fruits and vegetables.  These also keep my skin looking nice.  When I get the munchies I will eat carrots, celery, broccoli, sweet peas and cucumbers.  During this time of year oranges and tangerines are plentiful.  This week we bought a bag of navel oranges and a box of clementines.    The whole family enjoys citrus fruit.  The clementines have been treat/snack food in the evenings when we are watching tv with the kids.

For all you crazy makeup addicts, try not wearing it for a day.  You will feel better.  Love your skin.

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