Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, here we are one week after starting the Healthy Challenge at work.

Changes so far in lifestyle:

  1. Stopped drinking soda at work
  2. Stopped going down to the galley for treats
  3. Started walking during my breaks - one mile in the morning and one mile in the afternoon
  4. Started going to bed early and getting up early
  5. Continued eating breakfast
  6. Continued taking lunch to work

  1. Lost 5 lbs
  2. Have a little more energy
  3. A little more organized

  1. Lose a total of 50 lbs (yes, I am that over weight)
  2. Be able to participate in more physical activities
  3. Be healthy and happy
  4. Look great!  (don't want to look my age - not that I do)
I will be 45 years old this coming Saturday and it's time that I start taking care of myself.

More to come!

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