Monday, November 8, 2010


Meditation will not make your life plain sailing or remove all your
problems, but it will help you to deal with them.  Meditation can
help us to gain perspective and to make good decisions.

Practical Spirituality - Through meditation, you become more sensative and more able to empathize with others in their troubles.  This gives you a better understanding of how they think and feel, enabling you to be less judgmental and more tolerant.

When you have a problem, begin your meditation session by stating the difficulty clearly to yourself.  It may help to get things clear in your mind if you write them down.  Then go into your meditation in the usual way.  However, it is very important that you do not focus on the problem whil you are meditating, it will only become more firmly embedded in your mind.  Simply go within, seeking to find that still point of balance.

As you do this, insights may arise spontaneously.  Suddenly you might see a way out of the difficulty or realize how you can handle the situation better.  Even if this doesn't happen while you are actually meditating, don't be disappointed.  Often the answer will drop into your mind a day or two later; when you are relaxed and not thinking of anything in particular.  It might also come in a dream.

Meditation helps you to connect with your own source of wisdom and inner intuition, which contains all the answers you need to cope with life's challenges.

Meditation helps us
to become more understanding of other
people.  We can then use this knowledge
in a loving and beneficial way.

Problems and worries
always benefit from meditation.  Write the
problem down if this helps to clarify it
for you.  Meditation as normal, without
focusing on the problem.  Even if
you don't get an answer,
meditation will help you put
the problem in perspective.

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