Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Children are naturally creative.  They play, dance, sing, and paint with no inhibitions, for the sheer joy of expressing themselves.  Creativity is an essential part of human behavior that we shouldn't dismiss.

ART CLASS - As we grow up, we learn to suppress this natural spontaneity.  We dismiss our imagination as childish fantasy.

Meditation puts you in touch once more with your inner child and renews your sense of the joy and wonder of life.  Many writers, artists, musicians, and people engaged in creative pursuits find inspiration through this means.  It enables them to tap into a spring that constantly flows with fresh thoughts and ideas.

Try exploring your creative potential by having a supply of paper and coloring pencils on your table when you meditate.  After a period of stillness, allow yourself to draw or color.  Don't worry about whether you have any artistic skill.  Just go with the flow, letting your imagination be free and fully expressive.

Once you learn to link with your inner child iin this way, you will find that you become more creative in all areas of your life.  Gardening, cooking, writing a letter to a friend, or writing a report become opportunities for self-expression.  You might surprise yourself with your hidden talents.

Just a few pencils and
scraps of paper are enough to help you
express your creativity.  Many of us grow
up believing that we are not creative - in
fact all of us have a creative aspect.

When you start to express
your creativity, just let your mind be free
to follow whatever path it chooses.  Don't
worry about making sense - you're just
exercising your creative muscles.

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  1. Makes me want to paint... :D Some of the happiest times have been when I have been creative. It's hard to get back into that groove.