Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Overcoming Mental Resistance

The breathing meditation might sound very simple, but in fact it is very difficult to perform.  You will find that, as soon as you try to concentrate, all kinds of thoughts and images flood into your mind.

Interference:  Bodily sensations become magnified.  Your nose itches or you want to fidget.  Outside noises seem unnaturally loud and startling.  You might start drifting off to sleep, or else become bored and think you are wasting your time.  Often it is the hands that want to fidget first -- craving something to do.

Don't be discouraged by any of this.  Everyone experiences these difficulties in the early days of meditation.  The rational mind, which is used to being firmly in control of your thought processes, rebels when you set it aside and turn your attention in ward.  It behaves like a child that feels neglected and clamors for attention and entertainment.

So you can overcome the problem by treating it like a child.  Be gentle, but firm.  Refuse to give into its demands.  Acknowledge the thoughts and sensations that inevitably arise, but do not allow yourself to be drawn into them.  Simply view them as if from a distance, then refocus your attention.

It may be necessary to practice this technique time and time again, and there may well be occasions when you fell it is a hopeless task.  But persevere -- it will become easier with practice.

WORLD RESIDUE - all of su have pressures and worries about our everyday lives that can interfere with meditation.  Meditation helps make these worries less troubling.

STRANGE NEW WORLD - When we start to meditate, our inner world can seem unfamiliar territory.  With regular practice we become comfortable with ourselves.


The brain is an incredible organ, capable of thousands of calculations every second.  In essence, we write a book every day with our constant thinking, worrying, and planning.  Meditation puts us in touch with an equally amazing ability of our minds -- one far more rewarding than intelligence or wit.  With it we can get in touch with a spiritual level far beyond the experience of most people.

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