Thursday, October 21, 2010


Everyone can learn to meditate.  All it takes is patience and perseverance.  You don't have to be religious or into "far-out philosophies."  Before you start, you need to create the right conditions.

Meditation space:  Ideally, you should set aside a room which is kept only for meditation, where the spiritual energy you generate can build up and be held.  If, like most people, you cannot afford the luxury of a meditation room, choose somewhere -- perhaps a corner of your bedroom -- where you can sit and meditate without being disturbed.

This area should be simply furnished.  All you need is an upright chair (not an armchair) and a table.  Keep the room neat and tidy.  Open the window frequently to let in fresh air to cleanse it.  Decorate it with pictures you find uplifting and keep fresh flowers there.  This is your special place, your sanctuary.

Try to make time to meditate every day.  You don't need long:  10 or 15 minutes is enough to start with, increasing to half an hour or more as you become more experienced.  Quality is definitely better than quantity!  Early morning is generally considered the best time for meditation, while your mind is still fresh and before you become absorbed in the business of the day.  If you cannot manage this, the next best time is the evening.  But the most important thing is to choose the time that suits you and stick to it.  Good, regular practice acts to condition and train the mind.  You'll find that the more regularly and often you practice, the eaiser meditation becomes.

Basic Setup:  The physical requirements for meditation are few.  Use a straight-backed chair, not an armchair.

Flower Power:  Fresh flowers are a soothing refreshing presence in any room.  Use them in your sacred space to keep your mind engaged and focused.


  1. "Ohmm..."


    I find it is easier for me to meditate out of doors. I often have this fantasy of being alone in the Red Woods, or some such place, and just enjoying the quiet and at the same time quiet my soul. Hmm...Maybe I should hop a plane and do it today... :P

  2. i obviously don't have my own room for meditation...

    I do have a straight chair in my room by my side of the bed. I also cut some fresh flowers from the yard.

    When I get home I light a candle in my room and read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. This will be my meditation spot too.